The Darsch Report: January 20-26

Impeachment, global disease, and pesky campus construction.

Trinity Tears up Lower Campus to Make Repairs

While visiting or living at Trinity, one may notice that it has become more difficult to find parking around campus and car passage through lower campus has been blocked. Trinity University is attempting to repair pipelines that run the potential risk of bursting in cold weather (an event that affected the Thomas and Lightner halls last semester) or may not be able to handle drainage needs for the school. Currently, work is being done on a pipeline that runs from the north side of the Bell Center to the Murchison residence hall while passing through the baseball field and lot P.

To make room for the construction and the equipment needed, all of lot U and half of lot P have been closed, leading to some frustration and confusion in the student body over parking now that there are fewer spots available. However, Jim Baker, director of Facilities Services, has stated that construction is on track, and he hopes the baseball field will be covered by Feb 5.

A Senate Trial Underway

In the US Senate this week, Adam Shiff and President Trump’s legal team have been presenting their arguments and defense regarding the impeachment. Shiff and his legal team presented arguments that Trump was rightly impeached and should be removed from office on the grounds actions taken by the Trump administration regarding Ukraine show clear evidence quid pro quo and abuse of the President’s power. Many of the senators during this part of the trial were visibly bored and some even fell asleep during Shiff’s presentation.

When Trump’s legal team came out to present their defense, a very different senate seemed to follow the proceedings. Going onto “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Senator Lindsey Graham stated “I thought the first day the House managers were articulate, they were prepared. They created a compelling narrative, a tapestry regarding process and substance… [but] What happened yesterday, in two hours in the Senate the president’s defense team destroyed the narrative created in 21 hours regarding process and substance.”

Senator Graham went on to say that Trump’s team had better grounds legally because they pointed out that Trump was “denied the ability to call witnesses on his behalf, cross-examine witnesses, present evidence” for most of the House impeachment debate.

China Quarantines Millions

A new disease known as 2019-nCov, or the Wuhan/Coronavirus, is spreading throughout the People’s Republic of China and leading the central government to take decisive action to prevent further dispersal. So far the Beijing government has locked down at least 16 cities, mostly in Hubei province, with a combined population of 47 million people.

The disease is believed to have originated from Wuhan’s exotic open-air market and local delicacies involving snakes and bats and has over 3,000 confirmed cases worldwide with a least 2,744 in China. Of these cases, the Chinese government has also confirmed at least 80 deaths from the virus. The disease has also been confirmed in Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, the United States, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, France, Vietnam, and Nepal. No deaths have been recorded outside of China.

The United States also announced on Sunday plans to evacuate staff and personnel that are still in Wuhan on a direct flight to San Francisco. The State Department warned that they would only book a limited number of US citizens on flights and that, if demand is high, then they will give priority to those at a higher risk of Coronavirus.

Texan Coronavirus

Throughout this week Texas has been giving its residents a few scares over potential Coronavirus cases with at least two separate cases over the past week. 

The first case was a Texas A&M student who had traveled to China and had been sent to a local emergency room over fears that he may have been infected. The student was displaying mild symptoms of the illness, but officials with the Brazos County Health District announced on Sunday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention results came back negative.

The other case to make headlines was a Baylor student who had traveled to China and has since displayed symptoms similar to the Texas A&M student but test results from the CDC have not yet been completed. 

Health officials in Texas and across the US urge residents not to panic over suspected or confirmed cases and to follow general preventative measures that should be taken for any viral infections.

Author: Nathan Darsch

Nathan is a Junior at Trinity University, majoring in Business and Political Science. He is a California native, lover of history and politics, and the main person behind The Darsch Report. As a writer and editor for The Tower, Nathan hopes to bring a news source that is as unbiased as possible and focusing on facts instead of opinion.

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