Who pays the bills?

Our website is paid for by donations from supporters, staff members, and alumni staff. Print costs (print issues upcoming) are paid for by a grant from the Collegiate Network, a nonprofit project of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Who’s in charge?

Our editorial team that runs The Tower is comprised entirely of students at Trinity University. We work our hardest to remain independent from any external pressures about what to write, as we are committed to bringing the unbiased facts to our readers.

Who decides what gets published?

Everything that is published is read by the Editor-in-Chief or the Deputy Editor. If there’s a potential conflict of interest in a piece (for instance, if an editor is a volunteer on a political campaign and an article is being written about that race), the person that the conflict exists for doesn’t edit the article.

What’s your comment policy?

For now, we allow anyone to write comments, even anonymously. We hope to be able to continue this, but in the future there’s a chance we may need to subject comments to review before we publish them, or require that commenters use their real name.

For now, the only comments we’ll delete are those that are threatening towards anyone and those that use obscenities or racial slurs.

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