About The Tower

The Tower is a project of the Collegiate Network at Trinity University in San Antonio. The Tower serves the San Antonio area, and the Trinity University community especially.

The Tower is completely committed to independence. We will never take direction from Trinity or any other outside organization. Our goal is to serve the students of Trinity and the people of San Antonio with the best news stories and the right ideas. The Tower has no paid personnel—we are all taking the time out of our schedules to work on this project because we believe it will better the communities we care so much about. If you read something on the Tower, you can trust that no one told us what to publish or not publish, and that we are ready to stand behind what we’ve written.

We chose to name our publication for the distinctive Murchison Tower on Trinity’s campus, for the Tower of the Americas and for the idea of intellectual pursuit that the image of a tower evokes. With the right ideas, we believe the right perspective will come across in everything we publish. If you understand that ideas have consequences and that factual and independent reporting matters, then the Towerthe right voice for the Alamo City, is the publication for you.

We thank the Collegiate Network, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the many Trinity alumni, community members and former staff members for their continued support.

The Tower is not affiliated with Trinity University and the views of writers reflect their own only, and should not be taken as the views of Trinity University or of The Tower.

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