Texas House Candidate Mark Dorazio speaks at first YCT meeting of the Semester

Trinity University’s chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas kicked off their first meeting of the semester with a guest speaker, Mark Dorazio, the Republican candidate for Texas House District 122. He believes in living out his values of family, faith, and service, and hopes to apply these guiding principles in his work if elected to congress. 

Mark is also a small business owner; he started his own construction company in San Antonio, for which he currently has three patents pending. He became involved in politics after realizing the direction that the country and the state were heading in. He started attending meetings and talking with candidates, as well as taking on various leadership roles, including running the Bexar County Senate District 25 Convention as chairman in 2020. 

Dorazio opened his speech by saying that this generation, this group, is made up of the future leaders, inventors, and innovators of the state and underscored the importance of becoming involved. 

He then dove into the major issues facing the near future of the state of Texas. First was to keep DC out of Texas and limit the federal government’s involvement in state issues. Next, he discussed the massive illegal immigration crisis that Texas faces, and the fact there is nothing to stop illegal immigrants from registering to vote. 

Dorazio then addressed the pressing issue of a much needed power grid upgrade, something the Snowmageddon of 2021 illustrated all too well. He believes that fossil fuels are more efficient and reliable than wind and solar power, and still remain the state’s best energy source, especially due to recent improvements in the production process. Dorazio also advocated for thorium reactors, which are clean and easily expandable as cities develop. 

Regarding education, school choice is another key issue affecting American families and their children. This would give parents autonomy in choosing their child’s education and create competition amongst public schools to attract attendees, and in that way better themselves. Dorazio explained how there is an 18-page list of failing schools in the state, yet the government continues to fund them.

As for the economy, Dorazio proposes removing the property taxes in Texas because the state government already runs at a surplus budget, meaning that there is no need for additional revenue from property taxes. This puts more money back into the pockets of the citizens. He also touched on the dangers of digitizing the currency, and how this action would be an infringement on the privacy of citizens by the government.

Finally, Mark Dorazio concluded that the real choice we have as Americans is between innovation and security. He posed the question: do we want to get a ‘safe’ job and work for a corporation that decides what we believe in and how we spend our money, or do we want to be free-thinking leaders, the country’s next great inventors, creators of new businesses, and live out our own beliefs? Dorazio’s overarching theme was the importance of protecting the freedoms that allow for the innovation that has distinguished America for the past centuries as the world’s leader in entrepreneurship and invention. And the best way to do that is to start at the most local level, Trinity University. 

Author: Sylvie Patterson

I’m originally from Madison, WI and I plan on studying international economics at Trinity University.

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