Wendy Davis: A Danger to Texas

We in CD-21 cannot afford to have someone like Wendy Davis represent us. She does not represent Texan values, and she would fight only for her personal progressive agenda.

On Nov. 3, residents of the 21st congressional district in Texas will make the choice between re-electing the incumbent, conservative Republican Chip Roy, and progressive Democrat Wendy Davis. Congressman Roy is an extraordinary conservative, one whom I have supported and admired since before his nomination in the 2018 primaries. I believe it is imperative that we re-elect Roy so that he can continue to fight for our fading liberty. As much as I think it is important to articulate why Roy is an asset, it is imperative that I explain why it would be extremely dangerous for Texas to send Davis to Washington in his place. 

Wendy Davis might be a familiar name to Texans who have paid attention to state-level politics in the past several years. Davis was a member of the Fort Worth city council from 1999-2008. After that, she held the Texas Senate seat in SD-10 from 2009-2015. Despite being involved in policy-making for fifteen years, she is really only known for two things in her political career, both of which are failures. 

Her first claim to fame occurred while she was a member of the Texas Senate. In 2013, SB5 was introduced to the Senate floor. SB5 would ban abortion after 20 weeks of gestation (which is very close to the point of viability outside of the womb). It also would require that abortion facilities maintain the same medical standards as other surgical health care facilities, and that they have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Davis so badly wanted to keep legal the killing of viable babies that she filibustered for eleven straight hours in front of the Texas Senate, famously wearing pink tennis shoes and a catheter so she could urinate herself on the floor of the Texas Senate.

Davis broke the rules of the filibuster multiple times, so Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst called for a vote to end her filibuster so the legislature could vote on SB5. However, the crowd in the gallery and outside the chamber raised such a ruckus for two extra hours (also in violation of the rules) that the vote on the bill was successfully delayed beyond the end of the special legislative session. However, then-governor Rick Perry called a second special session where SB5 was reintroduced as HB2, and it passed less than a month after Davis’ filibuster. Despite the ultimate failure of her efforts, Davis garnered national fame for this singular act, and earned and the nickname “Abortion Barbie.”

Her second time in the spotlight was her failed gubernatorial campaign in 2014, in which all of her perceived legitimacy came from the celebrity she gained from her filibuster. She succeeded in getting the nomination of the democratic party but was beat by Greg Abbott, who was then the Texas Attorney General. Davis garnered a mere 38.9% of the vote to Abbott’s 59.3%

Davis has been out of politics for the last five years since her loss. In that time, she has busied herself by founding a nonprofit organization called Deeds Not Words. This organization seeks to get radical legislation on gender issues passed by using female members of Generation Z as its footsoldiers. The organization’s website, which uses terms like “womxn,” “menstrual equality,” and “FEMZ agenda,” makes it clear that that Deeds Not Words centers around sex-related issues. The organization holds progressive social beliefs, such as the ideas that gender is not absolute, that voter ID laws are oppressive, and that masculinity is toxic. As a perfect example of how far off the rails abortion advocacy has gone, Deeds Not Words seeks to get rid of the famed notion that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Although the organization claims that it “won’t stop until all Texans have the ability to make their own reproductive choices,” nothing has been posted in the “news” section of the site in over a year, indicating the group is not currently making waves, and little else has been posted since March.

But let’s get back to Davis’ current bid for the congressional seat in Texas’ CD-21, currently held by Congressman Chip Roy. Davis has a lot of money behind her, and she has been using much of that money to disingenuously attack Roy. If only disingenuous attacks on her rival candidate were the beginning of Davis’ historical misuse of campaign funds. During her run for governor in 2014, Davis was (rightly) accused of using campaign funds to pay for lavish living expenses in Austin. This practice is not necessarily illegal, but it is pretty scummy.

Davis also has ads of her own. In these ads, she performatively throws around the word “family” every chance she gets. “I’m running for our children and grandchildren, so they can live and love and fight for change themselves,” claims Davis in a self-promotional video she humbly titled “Amazing.” This statement is obviously ironic and somewhat darkly comical, considering that her stance on abortion means that she does not in fact want children to “live and love and fight for change themselves.” She wants parents to be able to kill their fully formed children. 

Clearly, as progressives often do, Wendy Davis is putting on a face to appeal to Texan values so she can sneak her harmful radical policies through. She avoids talking about policy, knowing that she would lose were she to tell the truth about what she wants to do to our state. Place Davis side-by-side with Roy, as was done in their debate, and you will notice how she tends to talk about lofty ideas rather than telling us how she plans on practically enacting change or paying for all the things she wants. She has shown many of her intentions, but she hides them for the most part, knowing that if Texans were aware that she is a proponent of abortion until birth she would never get elected. We in CD-21 cannot afford to have someone like her represent us. Wendy Davis does not represent Texan values, and she would fight only for her personal progressive agenda.

The Darsch Report: April 1 – 7

San Antonio Baby With No Skin

A San Antonio baby that was born without any skin from the neck down will begin to receive treatment sometime next week at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

The child, Ja’bari Gray, was born to 25-year-old Priscilla Maldonado on Jan 1, 2019, after what seemed to be a normal and healthy pregnancy. That was until the baby was born and doctors realized that something was seriously wrong

“It was just completely silent. You know, you expect people to be happy after you have a baby and I had no idea until they put me in a room and explained what was going on,” said Maldonado describing the moments after she gave birth to her son.

While speaking to the doctors she was told that her son has a rare disease known as Aplasia Cutis and that it is the third known case in the US. Because of the rarity of this disease doctors don’t currently know how to properly treat it so the doctors were treating it as burns.

He remains on life support and Maldonado says doctors have told her there is nothing more they can do.

The family is planning funeral arrangements and trying to pay for medical bills. If you would like to donate then please click here.

Wendy Davis and CD-21

Wendy Davis, a former Democratic member of the Texas State Senate for District 10 in the Fort Worth area, says that she is not running for the US Senate in 2020 but instead is looking at a bid at Congressional District 21, which is Trinity University’s district.

Though she has mulled a Senate run in the past, in the podcast, “The Rabble: TX Politics for the Unruly Mob,” Davis made clear she is no longer weighing a Senate campaign and reiterated her call for U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro of San Antonio to enter the race.

“There’s a reason I made a decision not to run for this Senate seat against John Cornyn,” Davis said on the show, which was taped Thursday. “I’ve been very candid about the fact that my dear friend Joaquin Castro is someone that I’d like to see run.”

Congressional District 21 is currently held by Republican Chip Roy who won the district in 2018 against Democrat Joseph Kopser 50.2%-47.6%. Kopser has considered running for the district again but recently announced that he will not be seeking office in 2020.

TX-21 is one of six GOP-held districts in Texas that national Democrats are now targeting for next year. It stretches from Austin to San Antonio and out to the Hill Country.

“Joseph Kopser gave a valiant effort [in 2018] — worked so, so hard and came very, very close,” Davis said on the podcast. “Can we do it for 2020? I want to make sure that we have the ability to win it, and I believe we do. And, I want to believe I’m the right person to help us do that.”

Pro-Life Bill Passed Out of Senate

On Tuesday, April 2, a bill targeting the transfer of taxpayer dollars from state and local governments seeking to help fund the operations of abortion providers passed out of the Texas Senate.

Senate Bill 22 by State Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) passed with 20 ayes and 11 nays. State Sen. Eddie Lucio (Brownville) was the lone Democrat to cross party lines in support of the legislation.

The bill would prevent local governments from contracting with or providing tax dollars to abortion providers.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick included SB 22 among three pro-life bills in his 30 legislative priorities for the chamber early last month. Patrick issued the following statement after the passage of the bill Tuesday:

“There is nothing more important than defending the defenseless. Senate Bill 22, authored by Sen. Campbell, will continue Texas’ commitment to defend the most vulnerable in our society and preserve the sanctity of life. Senate Bill 22 protects Texas taxpayers and affirms Texas’ commitment to protecting life. I strongly support this legislation and congratulate Sen. Campbell for carrying this important bill.”

The bill now heads to the Texas House, where pro-life bills have largely languished so far in the 86th Legislative Session.

US Economy

The stock market this week has done great and is reapproaching record highs. The Dow Jones increased to 26,424.99 on Friday, increasing by +496.31 points, or +1.91 percent over its March 29 close of 25,928.68. The S&P 500 increased by +58.34 points or +2.06 percent on Friday. In addition, the Nasdaq increased on Friday by +2.71 percent. The Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are each 403.4, 21.3, and 171 points from topping their respective record highs.

A favorable jobs report also came out this week showing that about 196,000 jobs were added to the US, more than the 175,000 jobs estimated by experts. The unemployment rate holds steady at 3.8 percent with wages increasing 3.2 % year over year however this came at the same time that the labor force participation rate decreased by 0.2% to its lowest level since November.

The Atlanta FED is also giving some favorable numbers in its GDPNow forecast showing that the US economy in the first quarter of 2019 will increase by 2.1%.

It appears that the US economy isn’t stalling yet, something that worried investors in February, but instead continues to grow strong. With the US and China coming closer to a trade deal within the next month or two, one can expect the US economy to remain strong for the rest of the year.

USDA and Testing on Kittens

On Tuesday, April 2, the U.S. Department of Agriculture that it’s putting an end to a controversial research program that led scientists to kill thousands of cats over decades.

Since 1982 the USDA’s Agricultural Research Services division had been conducting experiments that involved infecting cats with toxoplasmosis — a disease usually caused by eating undercooked contaminated meat — in order to study the foodborne illness. Once the cats were infected and the parasite harvested, the felines were put down.

In a statement announcing the decision, the agency said: “toxoplasmosis research has been redirected and the use of cats as part of any research protocol in any ARS laboratory has been discontinued and will not be reinstated.”

Additionally, the USDA said it is in the process of putting the 14 remaining uninfected cats up for adoption by agency employees.

The USDA has been facing increasing pressure to shut down this practice with bipartisan legislation to end the practice being introduced to Congress last month.

Brexit Update

With just five days until the UK is meant to leave the European Union on Friday, April 12 at 11:00 pm BST, it is uncertain if the Labor Party, Conservative Party, and EU will be able to come to a deal that they can all agree to.

Theresa May is currently undergoing talks with Labor to reach a deal as she has said that only a cross-party pact will get the support of a majority of the members of Parliament as the Democratic Unionist Party and some Tories have rejected her deal with the EU.

However, several Conservatives have strongly criticized the move. Additionally, very few details have come out as to what a Conservative-Labor deal would look like.

The Prime Minister is due at an emergency summit in Brussels on Wednesday when EU leaders will expect to hear fresh plans.

On Sunday, May tweeted a video message, explaining her decision to negotiate with Labour.

“We absolutely must leave the European Union… that means we need to get a deal over the line and that’s why we’ve been looking for new ways – a new approach – to find an agreement in Parliament,” she said.

“People didn’t vote on party lines when it came to the Brexit referendum. And I think members of the public want to see their politicians working together more often.”

Theresa May has already acted in bad faith by not honoring her agreement to leave the EU on March 29 and instead asking for an extension so that she can negotiate a deal. The pressure to negotiate any deal at all over no deal is mounting for May. It will not be surprising if in the next week Theresa May has a deal passed that essentially keeps the UK as part of the EU or she is granted another extension.