The Ohio State University Passes Students for Opioid Legislation

The Ohio State University student government association announced February 7 that it had passed legislation it had crafted with Students for Opioid Solutions, a national opioid overdose prevention nonprofit. With the passages of similar legislation at Colorado State University and the University of Alabama, this brings the number of students affected by SOS policies to nearly 140,000.

Students for Opioid Solutions was founded last year, and seeks to eliminate opioid overdose deaths on college campuses through the passage of student government legislation. The Ohio State resolution includes language on all five points of SOS’s goals.

OSU student senator Nick Davis, who introduced the legislation, said in a Facebook post about the legislation that “the opioid epidemic is a problem that has hit Ohio hard. College students are at an especially higher risk for opioid drug abuse because of social pressures, extreme stress, and increased availability of prescription drugs. Members of Greek life are at an even greater risk of drug use and abuse.” He said that he hopes this legislation will allow for people who have overdosed to “be treated properly and can be rehabilitated.”

The vote on the resolution at Ohio State passed with unanimous consent of all present.