County Commissioner Candidate Falsifies Campaign Contribution Reports

Christine Hortick, a candidate for County Commissioner in Bexar County, has raised over $7,000 in political contributions to her campaign. According to members of her opponent Trish DeBerry’s Finance Committee, at least 17% of that money comes from falsified donation claims. 

The DeBerry Campaign first noticed the discrepancies in Hortick’s campaign contribution reports when Daniel Ortiz, a member of DeBerry’s Finance Committee, was notified that he had erroneously been listed on the report. “This is extremely upsetting,” said Ortiz. “I am shocked to find my name on Ms. Hortick’s campaign report. I have thrown my full support behind Trish [DeBerry] and, until this morning, had very little information about her opponent. I should be removed.” In addition to Ortiz, Brad Carson and Debra Guerrero were also listed as financial supporters of Hortick’s campaign, despite both stating that they have never supported, nor even met Hortick. Hortick claims to have received $1,250 in total from these three individuals. It begs the question: how many other campaign contributions have been falsified on Hortick’s report?

It is a felony to falsify governmental records. Hortick, or at least members of her campaign, allegedly committed a felony in falsifying this information to further her campaign’s success. When asked about Hortick’s campaign contribution reports, DeBerry said: “a complaint should be filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.” DeBerry also said that a complaint should be leveled against Hortick with the Bar Association because, as a practicing attorney with her own private practice, she should be held accountable for such a discrepancy happening under her nose. 

“The fact that it was riddled with errors makes me wonder if she even reviewed the report. It’s sloppy and unprofessional”

-Trish DeBerry

The campaign contribution and expense reports made 30 days before the election are some of the most important documents to a candidate’s campaign. “The fact that it was riddled with errors makes me wonder if she even reviewed the report. It’s sloppy and unprofessional,” DeBerry said. “This tells voters that my opponent is not to be trusted. If she can’t manage $7,000 in campaign contributions, how is she going to handle a $2B Bexar County budget?”