University of North Texas Protesters Cancel Event on Child Gender Transitioning

Far left activists disrupted an event put on by the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) at the University of North Texas last week on Wednesday, March 2nd. YCT invited Jeff Younger to speak on the medical gender transition of children in an event titled “Criminalize Child Transitions,” but he could barely get any words in edgewise. 

Younger, a candidate running for Texas House District 63, has attracted nationwide attention after he lost custody of his 9-year-old twins because he opposed the medical transition of one of them. His ex-wife has been pushing for the child’s gender transition since the child was 3-years-old.

The room was filled with the chants, screams, and yells of the left wing protesters who refused to let Younger speak. In attendance was about 30 supporters along with some 90 protesters, but there were hundreds more protesters outside. 

Younger tried to speak for about 45 minutes, but he was eventually escorted through mobs of protesters to a waiting vehicle outside. The left wing protesters reportedly harassed the leaving conservative students, but the protesters biggest target was Kelly Neidert. 

Kelly Neidert, the former Chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter at UNT, organized the event and invited Younger to come. She was forced to hide in a closet with a police officer due to the aggressive protesters preventing her from getting into a vehicle to leave.

“Before the event, the police assessed the situation and decided that if things seemed to be getting dangerous, Jeff and I would be evacuated. When police took us out, I was separated from the police escort because some of the protestors blocked me with their signs. I missed the car that was waiting for me, so two other officers ended up helping me and tried to get me in another car. That didn’t work, so they put me in the closest building. Protestors breached that building so I was put in a janitors closet while protestors looked around for me.”

This isn’t something new for Kelly though; she has been subject to threats, doxxing, and a petition to have her expelled from the school over the past year.

UNT President Smatresk issued a statement after the event stating it was “particularly difficult for the transgender members of our community” because of “the intolerant views of a handful of campus members.” About a hundred leftist students didn’t think this was good enough, and demanded he go further in denouncing the event by protesting outside the administration building.

What Does It Mean to be Conservative in College?

Being conservative on campus means being willing to stand up for oneself, and stand up against our generation’s political leftism.

Today, young conservatives face the most difficult challenges they have ever faced. College campuses have become ever more leftist, to the point where conservatives have become the minority on nearly every campus. Conservatives face the difficult choice of remaining silent, and letting the left monopolize political discourse, or standing up and facing the consequences of rejecting the prevailing beliefs of their generation. What type of consequences? Perhaps just harassment and limited job prospects if you are lucky, arson and assault if you are not. The fact that most professors are left of center means it is not merely leftist students that a conservative must deal with, but also professors and the university itself. University after university has caved to the demands of those espousing social justice, often to the point of absurdity.

The left have clear goals with regard to what they stand for and what they want to change, but those goals are often unattainable. Arguing that systemic racism must be eradicated, supposes that there is systemic racism in America, and that we can somehow end it with enough protests and government intervention. Conservatives, on the other hand, reject these calls for radical change and defend the freedoms and institutions that have made America the greatest nation in the world.    

Being conservative means supporting the Constitution, a document that protects our rights and liberties. The First Amendment-protected right to freedom of speech is under attack from not only the left, but many in the center as well. This right is the first to go when freedom begins to wane in nations throughout history, and must be protected at all costs. The cancel-culture mob thinks they have a right to ruin someone’s life for speaking against the mob. The idea that you are justified in unleashing a vicious assault on someone’s livelihood for disagreeing with what they say is troublesome, as it discourages the free exchange of opinions. In Silicon Valley, big tech now uses partisan censorship to control who can be heard, and what they can say, while still being protected as platforms. This again stifles free speech, as huge companies with monopoly like control now become the arbiters of truth and opinion. 

Another right that could arguably be called even more important than the First Amendment, is the Second. The right to keep and bear arms serves as a guarantor of all the other rights. Arms allow every American to not only protect themselves, but protect the rights of others from any threat. Whether that threat is a criminal in your home, a shooter at your school, or ATF agents sieging your farm. These rights are protected by the institutions of America, which represent another important aspect of conservatism.

Being conservative means supporting the institutions of America, but rejecting the abuse of them. The police, military, and our government serve important roles in protecting the rights enshrined in our constitution, but that does not mean they are exempt from oversight. Recently, however, fueled by anarchists that have hated all authority for decades, the police have been under unceasing attack from those who want to see them defunded. This anti-police movement has grown rapidly in the last several months, and represents an assault not only on the police, but the rule of law in America. As seen in Portland and Seattle, when the police are not allowed to enforce the laws of our nation, anarchy and violence ensues. This does not mean some police do not abuse their power, for we have seen it several times in recent memory, but to use that as reason to abolish the police as an entity is absurd. 

Our military has protected our rights against foreign threats time and time again, which is why every veteran deserves our respect and admiration. Yet, our military can be abused as well, by being used in needless foreign conflicts. Our wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam represent conflicts unwinnable with the resources we were willing to use, and led to thousands of American deaths. Our military is best used as a strong deterrent to our enemies, instead of being used to trying to mold nations into what we want. Politicians in Washington, unelected state department officials, and generals have often led us into these conflicts that drain our tax dollars and cost our soldiers’ lives. 

The Federal Government receives the most criticism of these institutions, and rightly so, for it is the most abused. Government bureaucracies invade our lives, whether it is through the NSA illegally collecting our information, or the IRS targeting individuals for their political beliefs. Yet despite these abuses, the system of government we have in place is still constrained by our constitution and the ballot box. As a democracy, we not only have the power but the duty to vote those out who try to abuse their powers.    

A Conservative on a college campus has other duties as well. They must work to get real conservatives elected, and work to vote out those who betray their campaign promises or use their position to enrich themselves. They must be debating and searching for the conservative answers to our nation’s problems. They must stand up and stop the left from getting what they want, for ground lost is not easily retaken. Campuses are the battleground for our nation’s political future, and while we may be down and outnumbered, we are not out of it yet. Being conservative on campus means being willing to stand up for oneself, and stand up against our generation’s political leftism. 

Cover photo taken by Rebekah Wendt.