Trinity Groups Rally for Life in Austin

Memorializing the 49th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, thousands of pro-lifers from all over the state of Texas gathered Saturday, January 22nd, for the Rally for Life at the State Capitol. Governor Abbott, Bishop Joe Vásquez, and State Representative Giovanni Capriglione were among the speakers who energized the passionate crowd. 

Trinity was represented by its own Pro-Life group, Tigers for Life, and its Conservative group, the Young Conservatives of Texas. Other YCT groups from all over the state came to the Rally as well.  

President of Tigers for Life Karina Treviño, Class of 23’, explained the group’s reason for attending the Rally. 

“We went to the Texas Rally for Life because we want to publicly demonstrate our belief that all human life has dignity and is worth protecting. By peacefully marching alongside hundreds of Texans, we showed those watching that we will not remain silent to the greatest injustice of our time: abortion, an injustice that ends the lives of the most innocent and the most vulnerable in our society, the pre-born.”

Treviño also noted the lack of counter-protesters at the Rally.

 “From the conversations with the other members of Tigers for Life and other pro-life groups attending the march, I’d say the overall feeling of the rally was positive, inspiring, charitable, and peaceful. Unlike other events I’ve attended, there was almost no counter-protesting from the pro-abortion side nor any crazy pro-lifers with triggering signs. In my view, the rally was an opportunity for pro-lifers to peacefully speak up for the right to life of the pre-born and unite in our efforts to make abortion unnecessary and unimaginable.” 

Trinity’s Pro-Life Club Tigers for Life

One main focus of the speakers was the victory of getting the Texas Heart Act through the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Abbott. The Act prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detected in an unborn child, which can be heard as early as six weeks. 

The Texas Heartbeat Act has been in effect since September; despite numerous failed attempts to have it struck down or enjoined, it has saved an estimated 10,000-13,000 lives, according to Texas Right to Life. Already states like Alabama, Florida, Missouri, and Ohio are working to replicate the Texas Heartbeat Act. 

Just last month, The U.S. Supreme Court declined to send a case dealing with the act, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, back to a judge who was hostile to the Act. Additionally, the 5th Circuit Court of the United States sent the case back to the Texas Supreme Court, which is not required to act on it immediately. 

Another case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, also has invigorated the pro-life movement as we get ever close to the 50th anniversary of Roe. Dobbs deals with Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban and firmly attacks Roe in its argument for the ban. A decision will likely come from the US Supreme Court in the Summer, but until then, the whole pro-life movement will hold its breath. 

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