Young Conservatives of Texas Secede from Trinity University

Early in the morning on Thurs. April 1, the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) chapter at Trinity University declared their intention to secede from the university. 

In a statement sent to the administration, President Nathan Darsch declared that “with the retiring of Dean David Tuttle, my members and I can no longer be sure that we will be treated fairly by the administration… Today I am announcing the creation of the Republic of the Trinity.”

The Republic would consist of approximately 20 “virtuous citizens” and claim control over various dorms on Trinity University’s campus and a single nearby apartment. According to the statement, citizenship would also extend to “any and all at Trinity who could display a want to live a virtuous and moral life as taught in the Nicomachean Ethics and by Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas.”

Nathan Darsch would head this “republic” as its new President-of-Virtue with various other positions such as the Virtuous Events Chair, Promotor of the Trinity, and Virtuous Financier positions which would be filled with current upper-classmen at Trinity University. In addition, the new “President-of-Virtue” called upon Dr. David Crockett, head of the Political Science Department, to “join the new Republic as our Philosopher-King.”

“Dr. Crockett knows more about classical and modern philosophy than anyone and as such would be able to ensure our Republic remains virtuous even after all of the current students at Trinity have graduated,” Nathan Darsch said in an email interview.

At the time of publication, Crockett was unavailable for an email interview. As of now, his reaction on his sudden coronation is unknown.

When asked what he means by seceding from Trinity University, President Darsch had to say this: “We aren’t declaring a micronation and becoming ungovernable in the state of Texas. We are saying that we will no longer be held accountable to the tyrannical rules that Trinity imposes on its student and organizations… We will have in-person events, not be forced to wear masks, and promote virtue on campus, and there is nothing the university can do to stop us.”

Only time will tell how the Trinity University administration will respond to this uprising, but one thing is for certain: conservatives at Trinity have reached their breaking point.

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