Love Is the Greatest Gift

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Everyone loves gifts. We get excited at the prospect of opening a present from our friends and family. However, not everyone can receive a brand new car, jewellery or a gift card to a favorite restaurant for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. These holidays that include the act of gift-giving only come once a year. However, there is a present which you can both give and receive throughout the year: love.

Love is quite possibly the purest and most innocent virtue. The simple dictionary definition of love is “an intense feeling of affection for someone or something.” The feeling of loving someone or being loved is the most precious. Just looking at a mother and her child, or even at the adoring way in which pets sometimes look at their owners, we can see the love that we all have for one another. Love is one of the strongest feelings humans have. It can motivate us to do our best or to be our best selves. It is never the wrong time or place to love someone, or to be loved. 

Love is more than just a feeling, though. Love is also an action, which we express in our everyday lives. Showing love for someone is more powerful than simply saying, “I love you.” You cannot expect others to give their love to you without giving love to them in return. Love should be reciprocated. We tend to think that love is associated with romance or family. However, love does not always have to be romantic or familial. Love does not have to be specific, either. You can even love people you don’t know. This may seem odd to show love for people you don’t know, but it can happen everyday. To love others is to put others before yourself. Being selfless, helping others, or simply giving someone a compliment are all acts of love. 

Because we never truly know what those around us are suffering, it is important to always show our love for others. A simple “How are you today?” or a hug can seriously make a difference in someone’s day. To people whom you may not even know, a compliment on their appearance or question about their day can lighten the burden of sadness or even change their mood completely. Even when you are feeling bad yourself, you should always show someone love. Having a bad day is not an excuse to be rude to others. Kindness is love in its most basic form. Everyone should be treated with love: hence, the saying goes, “treat others as you wish to be treated.” 

Love is a universal message that, deep down, everyone knows regardless of background. Love transcends religion, race, and politics because we all know what it is and how we ought to express our love for one another in our own, unique ways. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is I Corinthians 13:13, which says,“now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Love is the greatest gift because faith and hope depend on love. You cannot be faithful or hopeful without love. I truly believe that if everyone shows love, then this is the start for a better tomorrow. Love can change the world, whether only the status of relationships or of an entire civilization. Love is the greatest gift because it is timeless, simple and priceless. Not everyone can afford to give tangible gifts, but we can afford to give our love to others. Opening a tangible gift can be pretty exciting, but nothing can overpower the gift of opening your heart to others.

Author: Emma McMahan

Emma McMahan is a sophomore at Trinity University, majoring in International Studies with a triple minor in Chinese, Economics, and Political Science. She is the Social Chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas at Trinity University. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, and reading classic novels.

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