InterVarsity Hosts “Evening of Elegance”

On Saturday, Feb. 9, InterVarsity, a nondenominational Christian fellowship group on Trinity’s campus, hosted their annual event, “Evening of Elegance.” The event is hosted each year by the men of InterVarsity and put on for the women, as a way of serving and caring for them. The event asks each person attending to dress nicely, with men wearing suits and women wearing a dress or slacks. The men of InterVarsity planned this event far in advance to make sure it runs smoothly and successfully.

At around 6 pm, the women were asked to arrive at the Witt Center, so that the men could provide them rides to the event venue, as the women were not told where they were going. Once at the venue, it was revealed that the event was hosted inside a small church about fifteen minutes away from campus.

The evening was filled with a three-course meal, music, socializing with friends and more. About twenty women attended the event, and we given the chance to sit back and relax while the men provided entertainment by performing various talents, including improvisation, jazz music and acting out skits. The main goal of the evening was to deliver fun and exciting entertainment for the women of Intervarsity.

“Evening of Elegance is a fun-filled event where we [men] can put on an amazing show of talent. It means sharing a love for joy, happiness, and Jesus to the women of InterVarsity,” Trace Glorioso, a sophomore in InterVarsity, said.

The men wanted to show love for the women in InterVarsity by preparing meals and entertainment for them. The love for women manifests Jesus’s love through friendship and appreciation, says Kailey Ghent, prayer and events coordinator for InterVarsity.

“Jesus’s love was characterized by service, spending quality time in conversation, and showing everyone that they matter,” said Ghent, explaining how showing love for women can also show Jesus’s love for all of his children.

Danielle Couch, a senior in InterVarsity, added that the service provided by the men “makes us ladies feel loved and served and honored just like Jesus shows his love for us.”

A night of friendship, community, and service all tie back to InterVarsity’s main purpose of showing love for everyone and demonstrating Jesus’s love.

Author: Emma McMahan

Emma McMahan is a sophomore at Trinity University, majoring in International Studies with a triple minor in Chinese, Economics, and Political Science. She is the Social Chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas at Trinity University. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, and reading classic novels.

One thought on “InterVarsity Hosts “Evening of Elegance””

  1. “We’ve been doing Evening of Elegance for 18 years now. [Its a well established tradition!] I think the past two years habe been two of the very best. I think the worst was 2015…all we had for food were some cream puffs we defrosted in the microwave. It was still great though!”
    – Douglas Steinman, IV Staff and TU Alum

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