Trinity University Subsidizes Sin

On Saturday, Feb. 3, Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a party at Lush Rooftop—a nightclub that is about twenty minutes away from the university.

The party itself had the controversial theme of “All Black,” and BSU members made sure that all Trinity students who came to the club were appropriately dressed for the occasion. This, of course, included making sure that participants’ outfits were ‘appropriate’ for a club. For the women this meant anything black and immodest.

The club was filled with black-clad Trinity students as well as clubbers of all other ages who were already out of school. The atmosphere, despite the mix of young and old clubbers, was definitely charged with sexual energy. The music, to the best of my knowledge was typical of what one would hear in a club: explicit rap music, most of which was concerned with sex and the female body. The dancing and overall mood within the club followed a similar path.

While the party itself was unsurprisingly lewd and filled with mostly under-age drunk college students, this is no surprise. What is is surprising about BSU’s nightclub party is the fact that Trinity University subsidized the entire event, from paying the cover to allow students into Lush Rooftop to even paying for charter busses to safely take students to the nightclub and back.

Normally, I would have no problem if a student organization hosted a party, no matter how immoral and disgustingly lewd it may be. It is up to the student organization’s discretion to decide whether or not a particular event or activity is appropriate for the message the organization wants to spread on campus. Nightclubs are BSU’s way of expressing the mission and beliefs of their organization, I suppose.

However, BSU’s event was fully subsidized by the Student Activity Fund (SAF), approved by the Student Government Association (SGA). BSU did not have to use their own money to fund their event. The student organization did not have to fundraise on campus, or even charge students money for the tickets to get into Lush Rooftop.

Trinity University, an institution of education, paid over $5,000 for hundreds of college students to get drunk and party until the early hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, Trinity University’s payment for such an event is not surprising. The school’s mission statement claims that they strive to instill “personal integrity” into their students. However, this same school hosts a sex week each year, and even promotes teenage sexting as a healthy part of adulthood and relationships. Trinity University has strayed far away, indeed, from the morals and values first instilled in the university’s founding in 1869.

Upon further reflection, I realize that I should not be surprised that Trinity University fully subsidized BSU’s event at Lush Rooftop. Really, what was expecting from an institution with little regard for morality?

Author: Victoria Ydens

Victoria Ydens is a senior at Trinity University and double-majoring in Classical Languages and Economics. She is involved in the Young Conservatives of Texas, Catholic Student Group, and Tigers for Life clubs at Trinity. Victoria has been published in Capital Research and Issues & Insights.

29 thoughts on “Trinity University Subsidizes Sin”

  1. Thank you for the article. As someone always looking to understand the student experience, I am wondering if you would share what about Trinity originally made you decide to come here? How is your experience at Trinity different than what you expected or what was presented? Will you continue to go to school at Trinity, or will you seek out a University with a culture and values that are more consistent with your own? Feel free to DM me. Appreciate your input!


    1. The ONLY person who isn’t a STD-ridden degenerate here. You go girl / woman / person! Don’t let these overprivileged Trinity tards ruin your day.


  2. Clearly, this journalist does not understand why they had this event. BSU was celebrating the start of Black History Month, and the school’s money was not going towards bottle service or free drinks…it was going towards transportation and tickets. In addition, many of the sororities, fraternities, and other organizations at Trinity host club events and seek funding from SGA.


    1. “transportation and tickets”

      You do realize that allocated money by SGA can be used for multiple purposes? Who’s stopping them from using mommy and daddy’s money to simply call an Über to the event. Also, sororities and fraternities reinforce rape culture, so you shouldn’t be condoning their behavior. Black History Month shouldn’t have to stoop down to sex-driven parties to celebrate life. And don’t you dare insult this journalist again. This is an opinion piece and you shovel out your piecemeal “but they dudny uze alcohol” argument. Miserable, just miserable.

      Maybe you should lobby your university to stop idiots like yourself and the blackout drunks at the party from wasting all of our time and money by having to clean up after you puke all over the dance floor.


    1. Makes sense ocnsidering you libertarians worship government and skin color over everything else.

      Good luck survivng until 30 with all your STD’s and late-term pregnancies.


  3. HAAHAHAHAHA. So let me get this straight: college students having a fun time dancing and partying is equal to moral corruption of some sort? Promoting sexual health and ensuring students know how to handle complicated parts of relationships leads to a lack of integrity? If these are somehow fatal character flaws then you need to seriously reevaluate what constitutes a “sin”. Both the BSU event (which for the record, was incredibly well organized and really fun) and sex week are done to benefit students, the Lush event because it is hella fun and sex week because healthy sexual relationships decrease chance of pregnancy and STD’s, all the while helping couples overcome problems related to sex.


    1. “well organized and very fun”

      Then do you excuse them for purposely excluding people based on skin color and beliefs? You are scum.

      Also you claim that sex week promotes healthy sexual relationships? Ha! Nobody at Trinity is mentally capable of holding a meaningful relationship for more than a year tops. They only care about physical pleasure and busting their nuts into the next impressionable set of whale tits. You probably have sex with more than 5 people per week and think that sex is positive, yet are probably also laden with STDs. Sicko.


  4. If you came to Trinity looking for some 1869 values I uh… have some news for you. Also if you wanna talk about your weird internalized misogyny hmu because this seems like it could turn into a Piper Laurie in Carrie (1976) situation real quick.


    1. What would that be? Is it the raycizm perpetrated by the Democrats who wanted to lynch Lincoln?

      You’re ht one who has internalized misandry. You hate all men because your father didn’t give you enough attention when you were young and now that you’re out of the next you’re lashing out at any penis-bearing individual (which BY the way is also transphobic).

      You’re projecting if you think this situation is similar to Piper Laurie. You’re nothing compared to her and you’re not special compared to her. USE YOUR REAL NAME BEFORE COMMENTING! You hypersensitive libertarians never know when to stop bitching and moaning over spilt milk.


    1. “progressive university”

      Yep, Trinity sure is progressive alright. They’re one of the cliquiest shitholes in the country and have rampant degenerate sex with everything that moves. Trinity’s soooo progressive that they ban speakers based on their skin color and political beliefs. They’re sooooo woke that they’ve proposed segregated classrooms and graduations because muh reparations.

      Let me get one thing straight that even you can understand. Trintiy University is a graveyard of lost potential that sucks out all talent an ambition in its students. They come there wanting to change the world and suddenly they’re $50,000 in debt after wasting 4 agonizing years doing NOTHING but whine about how unjust the world is…while sitting on a throne of greed, manipulation, and debauchery. You Trinity students are some of the most ill-deserved people on the planet, and Atua Emmanuella hopes one day that you repent your sins and become better people (or is that too Catholic Orthodoxy levels of purity for you?)

      Your progressive university, let’s be honest, has failed you. And you will become nothing.


      1. Dude, who even are you to talk lol. I can’t tell if you are a troll or a blatant moron, but the fact that you are replying to everyone who opposes this article makes me think that you are most likely the author of this article or one of their “friends”. You aren’t even a Trinity University student but speak like you know how our campus life is, which shows your ignorance at the fullest. The amount of hatred, anger, and retardation in your comments epitomizes your stupidity presented in your replies – along with the lack of logical reasoning behind it. If you support an article that implies racism and depreciation of African American organizations, you are most likely just a racist bigot with no mental capacity to speak.


      2. What did you just call me? I’m not a Trinity student, don’t you dare call me that ever again.

        And yes being into degenerate sex and drugs constitutes the depreciation of American culture. You don’t care because you and your hyperprivileged posse of titless soyboys can parade virtue and pride while being morally corrupt. This article is perfect and you’re just in denial because you treat other communities like they’re toddlers and they need to be treated like wittle pwincesses. Miserable, just miserable. You better put your real name next time you twerp virgin with rage. Go back to your love quest to find a sugardaddy so you can sit on your ass all day and suck dick. Idiot!


  5. If college drinking is worth damnation please ship yourself out into the Atlantic Ocean. Also the blatant bias shows that the author has no idea how to write journalism, or whatever this website is supposed to be.


    1. You’re soooo tolerant, you threaten to deport people because they won’t participate in the mainstream cultural movement of degenerate sex and alcohol consumption. She should totally DIE for her beliefs, huh? Her free thoughts aren’t tolerate in our tolerant, progressive society. She is EVIL for going against us. WE are the ocunterculture, get used to it. #GayPride2019


  6. This picture isn’t even from the event — a quick google image search clears that up.

    That begs the question: did you actually go? Did you see members of BSU actually “making sure that participants’ outfits were ‘appropriate’ for a club”? Did you witness “[an] unsurprisingly lewd [party] and [a club] filled with mostly under-age drunk college students”? And how can you claim to know that “the atmosphere, despite the mix of young and old clubbers, was definitely charged with sexual energy” when you imply you abstain from and avoid sexual energy yourself?

    If you really did experience such horrors as dancing, black shirts, and some cleavage, why would you not try to obtain evidence of this so to provide some validity to your opinion?

    I understand that this an opinion piece, and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but how can you identify as a journalist when you don’t even attend the event you write about? And if you thought you went to this event, you must have talked to the wrong black person (of the two I imagine you know) and ended up at the wrong place because any other attendee could tell you how far your writing is from the truth.

    I encourage you to attend more BSU events and interact with members of BSU, if you can stomach how “immoral and disgustingly lewd” they all must be — not just for the sake of improving your writing and journalism skills, but, you know, to also be a better person.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clubbing is degenerate and reserved for only the scum of society. You don’t know that because you wasted all your time doing it while maintaining a 1.5 GPA in dead classical languages. Next!


  7. You are very well entitled to your own opinion, but you’re seriously overlooking some facts. However, I’d like to discuss one specific part… How can you say “Nightclubs are BSU’s way of expressing the mission and beliefs of their organization”? BSU is a wonderful organization that is very active throughout campus that works on bringing people together. As an alumna who was active and has served on the BSU exec-board during my time at Trinity, I can definitely say there are so many other events hosted by this specific club that “express the mission and beliefs of the organization.” Mocha Life especially being one of them. I understand that this may be your first year, seeing as that you’re C/O ’22, and you’ve yet to even experience Mocha Life, but please do not limit your opinion of this organization based solely off one event. I encourage you to attend the many meetings and rent parties that BSU holds at least once per month. Get to know the people involved.

    Black History Month isn’t the only time BSU is active.


    1. WHAT THE HELL? You’re such heroes of racial justice yet you single the author out based on her race? SCUM. SCUM. SCUM. If you said “tuny little black woman” you should be tried on the Supreme Court.

      You’re an alumnus huh? How’s all that debt and unemployment? Or did mommy and daddy shoulder the bill for you? You’re probably at a deadend desk job with no experience, dreams, or hopes to become a contributing member to society. Piss poor performance.


  8. I have to give the author credit for having the nads to get something as blatantly backwards and Puritan as this published by her ‘immoral’ school, but nearly every sentence in this article is either factually incorrect, mildly bigoted, or concerningly Amish in nature. I won’t rag, but if the author is reading this I would highly suggest to her that she see a shrink and talk it out. If a party held to celebrate Black History Month at a liberal arts college is too immoral for you, the problem is not the world around you. Conservatism is not a counterculture movement. Get help. Develop empathy. Ben Shapiro is a hack.


    1. “develop empathy”

      The same people who advocate for killing babies out of the womb because the mom wants to be a slut and party all day long says that OTHERS need empathy? I ain’t even a conservatard but your levels of mental gymnastics are absurd. Someday you will realize the wool pulled over your eyes and you will understand that judging people based on their skin ALONE is sinful, hateful, and depraved.

      Also Ben Shapiro is a hackjob who sold us out to Israel to promote his Zionist agenda. His limp-titted wife does nothing but sit around and say she’s a doctor while simultaneously doing nothing to stop the spread of AIDS (which sex positive idiot Puritans continue to ignore)

      Also…who is in charge of the media, Who is in charge of Hollywood? Who is in charge of universities? Conservatism isn’t the counterculture you say? You do realize that modern liberalism is akin to a cult, right? You’ll never see the light of day considering you went to a shit for brains university like Trinity.


  9. Lmao what nerd wrote this? This is like mental progeria seeing a college student write a conservative New York opinion column. I’m glad they don’t subsidize being a weak boned geek.


    1. oooooo you used a big boy word, did they teach you in the Sexuality of Shakespeare 101?. Also why are you calling her such bad named when you know nothing about her? You think geek is an insult? You’re probably a limp-wristed harpy who listens to NPR, masturbates to Rachel Madcow, and has dirty thoughts about Venezuela.

      They shouldn’t subsidize anyone at that shit stain university. They should tear it all down and put all the kids in a daycare, at least they’d be potty trained. And I hope that your “Wang” title isn’t a jab at the author’s heritage. That’s a hate crime.


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