My Experience at Trinity BSU’s ‘All Black Everything’ Party

This past Saturday I attended the Trinity University Black Student Union’s (BSU) “All Black Everything” party. The organization’s goal was to raise awareness for Black History Month, which occurs each February to commemorate important people and events in the African and African-American community. The theme was all black, meaning partygoers were asked to wear an all black outfit with the option of wearing silver or gold accessories.

At first, I was unsure about attending the party because I did not know it was being promoted across campus. I thought it was only for members of the Black Student Union, or people in the African or African-American community. However, when I actually went up to the table to ask for more information about it, I was assured that anyone could attend the party. It was then that I acquired a ticket and asked my friends Victoria and Erica to come along.

The party was held at Lush Rooftop, an exotic and buzzing nightclub about twenty minutes away from campus. Bus service was provided for all the students to ride to the nightclub. Each hour, a bus was scheduled to take students from the Bell Athletic Center to Lush. Also, a bus was scheduled to take students from the nightclub back to campus, which I really appreciated because of how many students attended. BSU noted in an email after the event that there were at least three hundred attendees at this event.  

When Erica, Victoria and I arrived at the nightclub, we had to wait at least twenty minutes to get inside. There really were over three hundred attendees at this club, in addition to the non-Trinity partygoers. Once inside, I could see that the club was bustling. Music blaring, drinks pouring, friends laughing, just as an average nightclub atmosphere would be. My friends and I stuck together for the whole hour we were there. When I was there, I was expecting the Black Student Union members to judge or glare at my friends and I, especially since they know our background of being a part of Trinity’s Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT).* However, I observed that everyone was minding their own business and having a good time, and I did not feel judged at all for being there.

Once we left the club and got back on the bus, BSU members were making sure everyone was on safely. For instance, a fellow student became nauseous.  Immediately the members helped the student and cleaned up the mess. I admired the responsibility that the organization’s members portrayed.

Even though I enjoyed my time at the party, I am still critical about the setup and logistics of the party. I learned that the event was fully funded by the Trinity University Student Government Association (SGA), which is in charge of allocating funds from the Student Activity Fee (SAF). From my knowledge and experience with the Student Government Association, full or substantial funding for club activities is very hard to acquire. I think funding this event should have been primarily through donations and reaching out to the community in San Antonio. The event must have cost a significant amount of money, considering there was bus service and admission tickets for everyone to attend.  

Overall, I enjoyed my time at this party.  I think the Black Student Union should definitely host this event again next year. However, funding should be primarily from the San Antonio or Trinity community through donations instead of from the SAF. I think these are the best ways because it would raise community awareness and support for the Black Student Union and Black History Month as a whole.

*Editor’s Note: Emma McMahan is an officer of YCT at Trinity. The Tower is not affiliated with YCT at Trinity.

Author: Emma McMahan

Emma McMahan is a sophomore at Trinity University, majoring in International Studies with a triple minor in Chinese, Economics, and Political Science. She is the Social Chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas at Trinity University. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, and reading classic novels.

One thought on “My Experience at Trinity BSU’s ‘All Black Everything’ Party”

  1. “For instance, a fellow student became nauseous. Immediately the members helped the student and cleaned up the mess. I admired the responsibility that the organization’s members portrayed.”

    They only helped you because they aint wanting to get sued. Also getting nauseous during a college-sponsored event is unacceptable. The university could (and should) have been fined for this disaster.

    They also probably didn’t want to get their precious Louis Vitton shoes and purses from getting orange-colored puke on them. Perfect example of the selfish Trinity student body. They’d let you suffocate in a itch if it meant that they would have to sacrifice time to study for their useless biochemistry test WHERE they will end up with a C- because their brain aint too bright.

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