Debate to be held between CD-21 Candidates

On Wednesday, August 29th, a debate will be held between the two candidates from Congressional District 21, Republican Chip Roy and Democrat Joseph Kopser. The debate will take place in Pearl Studio, which is located in the heart of San Antonio’s Pearl Market.

The debate will be moderated by San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Chairman, Shaun Kennedy. CD-21’s seat has been long held by Congressman Lamar Smith, who announced his retirement in November of 2017.

Chip Roy, who is described on his website as “genuine, committed, [and] conservative”, was a senior adviser to Senator Ted Cruz before deciding to run for Congress. He has since been endorsed by Cruz, as well as Senator Mike Lee, former Governor Rick Perry, and a host of grassroots political organizations, such as Club for Growth and Texas Right to Life.

Joseph Kopser has work experience in both the private sector and the US Army, and is running on a platform that includes gun control, raising the corporate income tax rate, and funding abortion provider Planned Parenthood. On his website he describes himself as a “progressive Democrat” who will “stand up to Donald Trump”.The debate will be from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, and tickets can be purchased here.

Author: Maddie D'iorio

Maddie is a Sophomore at Trinity University, majoring in Economics with a concentration in Public Policy. She is on the leadership board of the Young Conservatives of Texas at Trinity University, opinion writer for the school paper The Trinitonian, and was a senator of the Student Government Association in the 2018 administration. As the Deputy Editor for the Tower, Maddie focuses on local and campus news of interest to conservatives, as well as continuing to build the publication. She is also Lifestyle Editor and will serve as Editor-in-Chief in 2019-2020.

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