Susan Narvaiz Endorses Chip Roy

Article by Jonah Wendt 

Chip Roy’s campaign sent out an email announcing that former challenger for CD-21 and mayor of San Marcos, Susan Narvaiz had endorsed Chip Roy for Congress.

According to the email, Susan stated, “I am pleased to support and endorse Chip Roy in the Republican Primary Runoff Election on May 22, 2018. I have had the opportunity to get to know Chip and have seen his character first-hand by sharing our faith throughout the entirety of our campaign. Chip is devoted to his family, a firm believer in life, and determined to make sure our children have the same opportunities, and freedom to succeed, that we enjoy. I believe he will steadfastly fight for our shared values of faith, family, and freedom, all of which represent best the people of the 21st District where I live, serve as a small business person, and former mayor.” 

The email also mentioned that former candidate for CD-21, Ryan Krause endorsed Chip Roy.

 In response to both endorsements, Chip stated, “I’m deeply honored to receive the endorsements from Susan and Ryan. I’ve come to know each of them out on the trail as they campaigned as strong, principled conservatives devoted to making our country strong and free. Susan has walked her conservative values in her life and in her service for over 8 years as mayor of San Marcos; Ryan has a servant’s heart as a pastor and teacher of leadership around the world. Their support means a great deal to me.” 

Ted Cruz’s former chief of staff, Chip Roy, faces perennial candidate Matt McCall in the May 22nd run-off for CD-21.

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