San Antonio Looks into Regulating Airbnb

Written by Manfred Wendt

San Antonio citizens have a reason to be alarmed this morning. San Antonio’s zoning commission, the department of the city that handles zoning concerns and changes, has decided to attempt to regulate “short term rentals”. Short term rental is the current legal term for what we call Airbnb’s. This follows on the heels of the city of Austin also deciding to regulate short term rentals.

The current proposal is complicated and includes a number of different tiers for different situations. It is likely that the regulation will restrict the liberty of private property owners, decrease the number of renters and make it prohibitively expensive for those who want to start.

I recommend that the people of San Antonio make their voices heard and prevent unnecessary regulation from being imposed on the citizens of this city. Short term rentals are not proven to be a danger to society nor is there evidence that regulation is needed. All the regulation that could possibly be needed would be best created by the companies that operate these short term rentals. Let the companies create the best product and the cream will rise to the top.  

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